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Capcom officially dated Devil May Cry reboot, revealed new character

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on 21 May 2012

Capcom has announced that the reboot for cult-classic series Devil May Cry is planned to be released on Jan. 15, 2013.

This release date was set for both European and North American territories, and no date has been announced as of yet for Japan. 

Along with this announcement, Capcom revealed a new character named Kat, who is a medium and a gifted psychic. Capcom representation included this statement on Kat:

"There is a sweet innocence about Kat's world view and logic, but when it comes to her specialist subject, the demon realm, she is an undoubted expert. Kat is The Order's 'eyes and ears' and is tasked with guiding Dante on his mission through Limbo."

Below is an image of Kat; the spray painting no doubt originates from teenage angst, but it may be more substantial than that. Until we know more, we can only speculate. What do you guys think of the new entry into the DMC world?