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Sony unveils PULSE Wireless Headset 'Elite Edition,' compatible with Vita

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on 1 June 2012

Sony today officially announced the successor to the not-even-a-year-old official Wireless Stereo Headset, the PULSE Elite Edition.

Pictured below, the headset will include all features included in its predecessor, and more: Bass impact technology that translates heavy bass sounds into pulses around your ear, higher fidelity speaker drivers, pre-set modes for different game genres, and a better microphone. What’s even cooler is that this baby will be compatible with both your PS3 and Vita (as well as every other device) due to the built-in 3.5mm audio jack and included auxiliary cable.

So how much will this tech set you back? Try $149.99. It’s not the cheapest headset out there, but it’s definitely not the most expensive one, either. We still use the “old” official Wireless Stereo Headset all the time, but we’re not going to lie: this new official one is damn sexy.

Oh, and if you’d rather be briefed by a super cheesy video, then here you go:

Source: PS Blog