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UK weekly PS3 sales surpass the Wii?

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Sony’s Black Box has beaten Nintendo’s White Box in European sales last week, supposedly.

According to independent online scorekeeper, VG Chartz, the PS3 managed to sell 77,000 units in Europe (and Australia) last week, while the Wii was close behind at 75,000 sales. The DS, as always, was far in the lead with more then double the sales of PS3s.

This could be due to the release of the 40 GB version of the PS3 in PAL territories, brining a more affordable PS3 to the masses, albeit with highly reduced functionality. Also, the Wii is again becoming hard to find in PAL territories, as Christmas is just around the corner.

VG Chartz is to be taken with a pinch of salt, and is more of a guide then actual truth, but it at least shows that PS3 sales are on the up.

Stay tuned.

Source: VGChartz