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Capcom reveals Lost Planet PS3, SF 4 and Dark Void

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on 17 October 2007

Capcom has officially announced that Lost Planet: Extreme Condition will be heading to the PlayStation 3 some time in early 2008.

Originally released on the Xbox 360 and PC, the PS3 version is set to include all available downloadable content on a single Blu-ray disk, including the extra characters seen in the PC version. Furthermore, the game will support online multiplayer for up to 16 players.


As hinted at earlier, several more announcements have also come to light from the press event today in London:

Street Fighter 4 has been confirmed and is currently in development for unknown consoles; expect more details towards the end of the week.

A new IP, Dark Void, was also unveiled, but no specific platform(s) were mentioned. Again, stay tuned for further information as soon as we get it.

Source: GamesRadar