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Research firm predicts Blu-ray as high-def winner

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According to Jim Bottoms, director of Understanding & Solutions research firm, the recent Paramount and Dreamworks switch will not change the outcome of the format war, but prolong it. He believes that since Blu-ray still has the largest industry backing, it will still come out on top.

“The weight of industry support is still very much behind Blu-ray...studios representing 58% market share overall, based on first quarter video shipments, back Blu-ray," he stated.

"We have gone on record before that BD format is most likely to succeed, and we don’t believe [the Paramount/DreamWorks decision] will change that outcome.”

Also, outside of stand-alone players, Bottoms also predicted that the PlayStation 3 would be a main driver behind Blu-ray sales, selling a total of 15 - 20 million consoles over the next few years.

Bottoms ended his comments on how the current consumer sees hi-def video formats.

“There is a lot of confusion with consumers over high-def in general," he said. "I heard from a consumer, ‘I was going to buy an HDTV screen, but now I’m going to buy a Blu-ray screen. That is quite typical of the confusion that exists. But the important take away is that there is great opportunity [with high-def], but there still needs to be some work done to turn this all into a reality."

With Sony forecasting a total of 11 million PlayStation 3's sold by next March, Blu-ray's install base will only grow, bringing it closer to its goal as hi-def format winner.