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PSA: Metal Gear Online is going offline, this is your last chance to play

11 June 2012

Konami today reminds us that Metal Gear Solid 4: Guns of the Patriots’ online multiplayer component, aptly named "Metal Gear Online," will have its services terminated tomorrow.

It’s been four whole years since Metal Gear Online launched (with Metal Gear Solid 4), and although we weren’t part of the small – probably insanely hardcore -- community the game had, we’re sad to see it go.

But according to Konami, the service wasn’t actually supposed to last this long…

“The service was originally intended to have a life span of 3 years. However, out of respect for our loyal fans, we have continually pushed back this deadline in order to support our online community,” says Konami.

“All of the staff involved would like to offer our deepest thanks for the support we've gotten since launch. Thank you for coming with us on this journey. Your help allowed MGO to grow and mature. We regret that this journey must end, but we sincerly hope that we will have the opportunity to serve you again in the future,” the publisher added.

So how about we give Metal Gear Online one last hurrah? Tonight will be your last chance to jump in, and if you do, you might just catch some of the PSU crew playing at your side.

Via: Konami

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