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E3 2012 Awards: Best Sports Game

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on 12 June 2012

Electronic Arts continues to innovate with its FIFA franchise. Having already introduced some genre-changing features in past iterations, such as "Be a Pro" mode and "Head-to-Head Seasons," EA hasn’t held back, but has continued to push the series even further.

Off the pitch, a range of social networking features will allow players to share the experience with friends, but it’s on the pitch where the real evolution occurs.

EA has revised its control system and tweaked it to deliver what we feel is a more dramatic, intense and enjoyable game of football. The new push/pull option makes for a physically aggressive game, while players move into space more intelligently by reading runs more accurately.

The enhanced dribbling system really allows you to tease defenders, while the changes to the way in which you can take free kicks (you can now use three players to take tactical free kicks) means there’s more variety to this notoriously difficult part of past FIFA games, giving players more of a chance to get it in the back of the net.

There are all many changes on the pitch to balance attack and defence, as well as new animations and goal celebrations to keep the visuals up-to-date. We aren’t 100% just yet, but we’ve also heard that a “Be A Referee” mode may also make an appearance.

Overall, FIFA is already a champion in its genre, and this latest iteration goes to show that EA isn’t about to take its foot of the pedal just yet.

Runner-up - NHL13