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Lair cracks Japanese top ten

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on 18 October 2007

Factor 5’s mythical Dragon adventure Lair has managed to crack the Japanese top ten in its first week of release, entering the charts at number seven.

The game, released in late August in North America and Europe just last month, sold a total of 22,000 units for the week ended October 14, according to the latest figures from Media Create.

Reception so far has been mixed to say the least, though our reviewer thought it was a competent title, despite some notable flaws.

Lair takes places in a fictional world thwart with war and natural disasters. Two factions, Mokai and Asylians, are engaged in a heated conflict between each other, with player’s casts in the role of a knight named Rohn, a member of the Asylians elite dragon-riding force.

With the noble dragon at your command, Rohn must defeat the onslaught of Mokai forces by engaging them in intense aerial combat on the back of your gigantic winged beast, using whatever means necessary to overthrow the enemy.