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Thatgamecompany hopes new game will reach 'mass audience'

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on 18 June 2012

Jenova Chen, co-founder of Journey developer thatgamecompany, has set his sights on reaching a ‘mass audience’ with the studio’s next project.

Chen, who has just polished off a three-game exclusive contract with Sony Computer Entertainment, is eager to embrace indie development now that the studio is able to release games fulyly independently, though spoke highly of Sony nonetheless.

“By raising the money ourselves, we have the control to do what we want,” Chen told Wired. “I’m a game designer, so I care about the whole experience.”

Despite the desire to attract larger numbers, Journey proved a considerable success upon its release in March 2012, becoming the fastest-selling PSN title to date.

A number of key members of thatgamecompany jumped ship following the game’s completion however, including co-founder Kelee Santiago, producer Robin Hunicke, and senior producers Chris Bell and John Nesky.

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