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Want a new TimeSplitters? Then sign the petition for a Kickstarter

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on 18 June 2012

TimeSplitters fans have rallied together to form a petition to see a new entry in the series get off the ground via Kickstarter.

The move comes following comments from Crytek overlord Cevat Yerli during a chat with CVG, where the executive admitted “I wish we were working on it [TimeSplitters 4].”

As a result, fans wasted no time in cobbling together a petition for a TimeSplitters Kickstarter project.

Despite this however, Yerli admitted that while Crytek has flirted with idea of launching a Kickstarter for a new title in the time-jumping sci-fi shooter franchise, he wasn’t sure if it was appropriate for a firm of Crytek’s size to call on fan funding.

This hasn’t stopped the TimeSplitters 4 Facebook campaign from rearing its head though, with fans only too happy to try and get the game off the ground. The group already has amassed support from over 3,000 gamers, though is aiming for over 100,000.

“We are a group trying to convince Crytek to finish developing TimeSplitters! Even if it means doing a Kickstarter,” said the group. “Even though the page is to gain 100k, we’ll probably need much more. So don’t give up at 100k!”

Furthermore, Yerli himself seems to be keen on getting fans to have their voices heard, writing on Twitter: “How big is the TimeSplitters community? Let me hear you!”

Prior its acquisition by Crytek, TimeSplitters developer Free Radical revealed that it tried to sell the idea of a new TimeSplitters to publishers back in 2008, though nobody was interesting in snapping up the project.