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Ubisoft sets its sights on releasing 'one or two new IPs' every year

on 20 June 2012

Ubisoft has revealed its intention to launch “one [or] two good new IPs” every year.

Speaking with Polygon, Laurent Detoc, executive director for Ubisoft’s North American arm, made it clear that releasing fresh IP is going to form a major part of the company’s plans moving forward.

“We need to make new IPs,” he said. “It’s part of our future. From a business point of view we need to continue to create new IPs.”

“Last year we brought you Rocksmith, and every year you will find one, two, depending on the year, good new IPs from Ubisoft.”

The French publisher turned heads at E3 earlier this month with its new IP Watch Dogs, a game that combines stunning visuals with the unique premise of hacking into electronic devices to manipulate them.

Recent murmurs suggested the game was planned for release on next-generation consoels, though Ubisoft soon denied this, confirming Watch Dogs will launch on PS3, PC and 360.

"There's no bad time or good time," added Detoc.

"If you make something really good, people will embrace it. Watch Dogs turned out to be that game this year that everybody loves. There's no bad time to bring good content."

"At the end of the day, making good products is what we're after."