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[UPDATE] PS3 firmware 4.20 available now

on 25 June 2012

We previously reported that the PlayStation 3 firmware 4.20 would be "coming tomorrow." We're happy to report that the update is ready to download immediately.

Unlike a few of the last updates, this one is mandatory in order to sign into the PlayStation Network. On top of the afformentioned feature enhancements to the PlayStation Wireless Headset, it also enhances a few other aspects to the PS3 as well. Users can now further customize automatic shutdown times for Video, TV, Music, Photo, and Game/Other Features. 

Included in the update is the ability for users to delete multiple saved files simultaneously, so there's no longer a need to delete saved files one at a time. The update isn't exactly major, but it's great to see more and more flexible features still arriving on our PlayStations. If anyone uses the Sidetone feature, let us know if the update enhanced the experience with it.

Via PS Blog