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Devil May Cry 4 dated

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on 19 October 2007

Capcom has today announced that the next instalment in the company’s highly successful Devil May Cry series, Devil May Cry 4, will ship to retail for PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360 in February 2008.

The PC version, meanwhile, is expected to follow “at a later date”, the company added. A specific date in February for console versions has yet to be announced.

Set between the events of the original Devil May Cry and its sequel, Devil May Cry 4 pits players in the shoes of Nero - a dexterous, highly accomplished swordsman and gunslinger.

Clashing with series protagonist Dante in the middle of a demonic invasion of the city of Fortuna, players must guide Nero on a quest for the truth as they make use of his deadly Devil Bringer arm, which gamers can utilize to string together a slew of devastating attack combos.

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