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PS3 controller gets funky!

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There is just something about lava lamps that makes people feel as if they are back at Woodstock ’69.

Well, maybe I’m heading off track, but you get the point. Now imagine yourself experiencing somewhat of a psychedelic feel while playing your PlayStation 3. Well, those thoughts can now be fulfilled with the latest PS3 Lava Glow wireless controller.

Set at a price of USD 39.99, the Lava Glow PS3 wireless controller is filled with glowing liquid that still maintains all the normal functions of a PS3 controller such as Sixaxis as well as the latest 2.4 GHz technologies. The controller comes in two distinct colors - red and blue.

For detailed information, please visit Dreamgear and be sure to check out their other products.

So for all you psychedelic gamers out there, and you know who you are, be sure to check this one out.

Source: PS3fanboy