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EA interested in possible universal gaming console

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Everybody knows that Electronic Arts loves to distribute their games out to all gaming platforms.

There is no secret in that. If EA brings out a game, best believe that no matter what gaming console you own, you are more than likely going to enjoy that experience some way or another. The last time Electronic Arts made a game exclusively to one console is something worth researching. So with that known, it should be understood that Electronic Arts also has no quarrels when it comes to the industry having a universal gaming console.

"We want an open, standard platform which is much easier than having five which are not compatible," EA's Gerhard Florin said to BBC News "We definitely don't want to have [one monopolized] platform."

They [Electronic Arts] believes that by having a single console, it would be easier for publishers and consumers by having Sony, Microsoft, and Nintendo stream exclusive contents to designated channels on the unit.

"You don't need an Xbox 360, PS3 or Wii - the consumer won't even realize the platform it is being played on," he said.

To back up Electronic Arts, videogames analyst Nick Parker commented, "There could be a Nintendo channel, a PlayStation channel and an Xbox channel on your set-top box," he predicted. "There might not be a need for a PS4 or dedicated consoles."

A universal gaming console is something that has been mildly debated over the years, but nothing concrete has ever surfaced. By having a universal console, the “console war” would be all but over, as everyone would be playing on the same piece of hardware.

However, even if that happens, hardware competition will still surface because one company is going to have a monopoly on that hardware that supports the Nintendo, Sony, Microsoft gaming channels. Meaning that other companies is going to want to cash in and create their own gaming hardware platforms that support the major gaming channels. So in result, we would be back in a console war and the universal console will be pretty much obsolete.

When asked about how long it will take for a universal gaming console to come about, the Senior EA Executive said, "I am not sure. We could be talking up to 15 years."