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Sony CEO on Kaz Hirai: "Sony will change and he will change Sony"

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on 8 July 2012

When Kaz Hirai took over as President and CEO of Sony Corporation back in April, he announced a strategy called "One Sony" that would seek to promote better cooperation between divisions of the company, which would focus on three product pillars: games, mobile, and digital imaging. According to Sony Computer Entertainment CEO Andrew House, Hirai is well on his way to achieving that vision.

Speaking in an interview with GamesIndustry, House described Hirai's mission: "One Sony is the mantra: it's about pulling together the resources of the company in the best way possible, and with no fiefdoms and no infighting to be tolerated." Sounds like a challenge, but House believes that Hirai is up to it. "There's a sense that Kaz is a change-agent," House said. "He has absolutely set out his mantra that Sony will change and he will change Sony."

Of course, talk means nothing without actual results. Apparently, Hirai has earned the respect and trust of Sony management, who are scrambling in the wake of financial setbacks. "There's obviously a heightened sense of concern and urgency in the company . . . [but] there is a feeling that a new team is in place," House assured. "It's working extremely well . . . gone are the days when individual divisions' concerns would somehow overreach the major challenges of the organisation overall."

It's eye-opening to hear such honest talk coming straight from a Sony big-wig, especially when his words concern the fate of the entire company. If Sony wants to reclaim dominance in the console market with the PlayStation brand, "infighting" should be at the bottom of the list. Hopefully our favorite Ridge Racer fan can pull the company together for the good of all divisions, and for the good of PlayStation's future.