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Check out this action-packed Borderlands 2 trailer

on 12 July 2012

Gearbox Software has released its new trailer for the most bombastic, turned-up-to-11, wub-wubbiest sequel of the year, and it's surprisingly shy on wub.

Instead, we bear witness to a mash-up of destruction, critical hit carnage, and thrilling gameplay footage set to the tune of... well, we won't spoil the surprise. Suffice it to say, the trailer embodies everything that Borderlands 2 is: an unadulterated loot-fest decked out with guns, bullets, and things that go BOOM - a game that'll do things to your momma and not bother calling her back. We think this trailer delivers on all that and more, and we also think you'll love every second of it.

Stay tuned to PSU for our exclusive Borderlands 2 impressions very, very soon, and let us know what you thiink of the new trailer in the comments below.