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Report - Willem Dafoe will not co-star in Beyond: Two Souls, but Kadeem Hardison will

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on 12 July 2012

It seems as though most of the internet was almost sure about Boondock Saints and Spider-Man star, Willem Dafoe, co-starring alongside Ellen Page in Quantic Dream’s upcoming drama-filled Beyond: Two Souls game; it was just too random of a rumor to not be true.

However, at today’s San Diego Comic-Con panel, Quantic Dream’s own David Cage shot down those rumors by shaking his head and saying “nice try,” to Joystiq.

Instead, Beyond will include actor Kadeem Hardison, best known for his role as Dwayne Wayne on ‘A Different World,’ a spin-off of NBC’s ‘The Cosby Show.’

Hardison will be playing the role of a paranormal investigator who “raises” Jodie Holmes in a mentor-like role, we presume.

The panel at Comic-Con also included video of Ellen Page playing Jodie Holmes, joined by Eric Winter, another Hollywood actor, as both stars acted out scenes in Beyond wearing full motion-capture suits.

We were wrong about Dafoe, but do you think Eric Winter will be the face of Jodie’s sidekick ghost? Will Aiden—the ghost—even have a face?

Via: Joystiq