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Rumor: Leaked images of the new, slimmer PlayStation 3

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on 13 July 2012

Images have leaked across the internet of, what some are saying might be, Sony’s newer, slimmer model of the PlayStation 3. We reported the FCC filing that was found online a while back.

Anatel, the Brazilian Agency of Telecommunications, posted a picture of a blurry—of course, right?—PS3 that seems to have a ribbed casing, what looks to be a top-loading flap (for discs), and some inconsistent matte and glossy finishes.

This may be a prototype unit, or completely fake.

Technoblog says that the documents from Sony Brazil indicate that there will be three models of this new PS3; CECH-4011A, CECH-4011B and CECH-4011C which will vary in storage space, between 16GB , 250GB, and 500GB respectively.

See the images below.

What do you think? Fake, or just ugly?

Via: Tecnoblog
Source: Anatel