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Puddle makes its way to PS Vita next week

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on 18 July 2012

The PlayStation Network game Puddle created by Neko Entertainment is now heading to the PlayStation Vita next week.

Puddle was a game created by six students at the video game school ENJMIN. After winning a Student Showcase prize at the 2010 Game Development Conference, Neko Entertainment picked up this game, along with the original six students, and made Puddle into a full-fledged game for the PlayStation 3.

Neko Entertainment is implementing  enhancements to the PS Vita version of Puddle, including fully customizable controls; this includes the left joystick, L and R buttons, and even the rear touch pad. Sebastian Chipot, QA at Neko Entertainment, included a final sentence in the announcement:

"Oh, and pay attention to the background on the main menu — it may be more than just a background!"

Via PS Blog