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Puddle makes its way to PS Vita next week

on 18 July 2012

The PlayStation Network game Puddle created by Neko Entertainment is now heading to the PlayStation Vita next week.

Puddle was a game created by six students at the video game school ENJMIN. After winning a Student Showcase prize at the 2010 Game Development Conference, Neko Entertainment picked up this game, along with the original six students, and made Puddle into a full-fledged game for the PlayStation 3.

Neko Entertainment is implementing  enhancements to the PS Vita version of Puddle, including fully customizable controls; this includes the left joystick, L and R buttons, and even the rear touch pad. Sebastian Chipot, QA at Neko Entertainment, included a final sentence in the announcement:

"Oh, and pay attention to the background on the main menu — it may be more than just a background!"

Via PS Blog

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