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Major PS Vita titles will be announced soon, says Sony

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on 18 July 2012

PlayStation Vita got its start with an undeniably strong launch lineup of games, but pickings have grown quite slim in the months since. Fans and consumers have voiced their concern, and Sony is responding.

Pulled from an interview by Famitsu, Andriasang reports that Sony Computer Entertainment Japan CEO Hiroshi Kawano has confirmed that another Vita Game Heaven event will take place soon. The last Game Heaven brought about the reveal of Soul Sacrifice and Phantasy Star Online 2, but that was way back in March. Now, we're left wondering: what does Sony have up its sleeve for the next one?

Apparently, good stuff. Kawano is reported to have said that major titles will be announced, but he didn't want to reveal any more than that. Furthermore, Kawano says that September's Tokyo Game Show will be a place of great focus for PS Vita, which I couldn't be more excited for after the portable's rather lukewarm E3 showing.

Sound off in the comments and let us know what games you hope are announced at the next Game Heaven event. Stay tuned to to find out when exactly it will take place.