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PlayStation All-Stars beta kicks-off, European and North America beta incoming?

26 July 2012

Boasting six playable characters, including Kratos, PaRappa and Sweet Tooth, the beta for PlayStation All-Stars Battle Royale has launched in Asia.

The beta phase of All-Stars is open to PlayStation Plus subscribers and will test the multiplayer infrastructure of Sony’s multiplayer-focused beat ‘em up. Though it hasn’t officially been announced we understand, from a source close to Sony, that the beta phase for Europe and North America will begin in August.

GamingvLog confirms that the beta went live in Hong Kong and Singapore yesterday and includes playable characters, Kratos, Sweet Tooth, Sly Cooper, Fat Princess, Radec and Parrapa. PlayStation All-Stars is also coming to Vita and is being developed by Superbot. We hope to have more details of the handheld version at  GamesCom in August.

Check out our hands-on with PlayStation All-Stars Battle Royale at E3 earlier this year. 

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