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Skyrim 1.70 patch coming to PS3, 360; currently in PC beta

on 26 July 2012

The Bethesta Blog has posted some good news about the latest patch for its Game of the Year recipient Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim.

The post showed that the newest patch, which is 1.70, is currently making its way through the beta process via Steam, and it has a planned release, but nothing has been specified, however, in terms of dates or even time frames. Still, in light of recent events with Dawnguard, it's nice to know that PC and PS3 gamers aren't being completely forgotten. 

This new patch will include everything that should have come with patch 1.60, which includes mount combat. So, for now, some Skyrim faithfuls will have to settle for decimating opponents while on their noble steeds until everyone gets their hands on the Dawnguard downloadable content. Once this patch is dated and release, we at PSU will announce it right here.

Via Bethesda Blog