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Undo universal destruction in Retro/Grade this August

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on 27 July 2012

Coming straight from 24 Carat Games is an opportunity to undo the destruction of the Retro/Grade universe by doing battle--in reverse.

Matt Gilgenbach, Co-founder of 24 Carat Games, released a trailer showing off the intentionally backward gameplay mechanics to its upcoming title Retro/Grade. Players navigate a linear space/time continuum while unshooting formerly fired projectiles. That's not all, however, as players will also have to avoid enemy fire as  well as time button presses to the beat of the soundtrack within the game. 

Retro/Grade can obviously be played with any Dualshock controller, but it can also be played with a PlayStation 3 guitar controller. Gilgenbach has promised to release more information on that peripheral in the coming weeks leading to the launch of Retro/Grade on August 21, but for now, enjoy this preview of this game's unique gameplay.

Via PS Blog