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Dragon's Dogma has sold over 1 million

on 30 July 2012

Capcom has confirmed that fantasy RPG Dragon’s Dogma has sold over one million copies globally since its launch in May 2012.

The game helped push profits for the Japanese giant’s second quarter up 300 per cent, with the company taking 1.3 billion yen during the period (£11 million / $17 million).

Elsewhere, the firm reported a spike in profit for digital downloads, with Capcom’s Digital Contents group recording sales of 13.7 billion yen (£111 million / $175 million). Evidently, punters have been lapping up DLC.

The only sector that didn’t do too hot was social games, with titles such a Smurf’s Village selling below expectations. However, the title did grab an additional two million users during Q2.

Capcom has a number of high-profile titles on the horizon, with Resident Evil 6 arriving in October and DmC: Devil May Cry shipping in January 2013.

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