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Darksiders II holds Vigil's future

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on 30 July 2012

Darksiders II is a game that has many people talking, but what most people don't realize is that those words carry a heavy weight. The lead developer sees a rich future for Darksiders, including ideas to delve deeper into the universe. But, that all depends on the success of Darksiders II.

In Darksiders II you take control of Death, one of the Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse. Death's epic journey takes place concurrently with the story and setting of the first Darksiders. While Death's brother, War, is being charged with the crime of disrupting the balance, Death travels through the underworld and beyond in search of a way to prove War's innocence. To find out more, check out our Preview.

Recently, Strategy Informer got a chance to interview the Haydn Dalton, the Lead Developer of this much anticipated title, to hear first hand how important it is that Darksiders II is successful for the company.

Dalton expressed that it would be exciting to further explore the Darksiders universe and other games as well, but an unsuccessful Darksiders II could mean that Vigil Games would be unable to do so.

"Absolutely (the future of Darksiders is dependent on if this sells). We've got ideas for what we can do within the Darksiders universe, and it's a huge universe. We've got ideas for different types of games as well, we've got a lot of mechanical things that are the boil and are ready to go depending on how this sells." [SIC]

"With the focus on DLC we want to sustain the amount of time people can spend playing Darksiders."

"Hopefully within that time we'll find how it's been received, how people are liking it, so a lot of our future as a games studio will be dependent on how this goes."

Are you excited for Darksiders II? Would you like to see more of what Vigil has to offer in the future? Sound off in the comments below.