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Possible Crash Bandicoot leak for PS All-Stars

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on 3 August 2012

In the wake of last weekend's storm of leaks surrounding PlayStation All-Stars Battle Royale, one more (highly-requested) character might have just surfaced, courtesy of a photo discovered over on the official PlayStation forums.

 User Alsborg91 spotted the following image on a Spanish-language forum, which seems to show the face of PSone platforming - none other than Crash Bandicoot - in all his orange fuzzy glory. The character model for this version of Crash appears to be a hybrid between the pixelated marsupial we know and love from the original PlayStation days and the modern version trumpeted by license owner Activions. Take a look for yourself.


The photograph certainly seems real enough, although we wouldn't rule out the possibility of an elaborate (and impressive) Photoshop hoax. After all, you can clearly see a dynamic shadow for Crash, as well as a charater thumbnail that seems in-line with others we've seen. Until confirmed by SuperBot Entertainment, however, this must be taken with a certain degree of salt. Who knows - maybe we'll hear more at gamescom?

For now, sound off in the comments and tell us if you're excited to play as Crash Bandicoot in PlayStation All-Stars Battle Royale.                  

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