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[UPDATE] PlayStation All-Stars Beta Key Giveaway! All codes awarded

on 9 August 2012

UPDATE 2: All 10 codes have been awarded - congrats to Twitter winners @SseeaannK, @cgalla2008, @Killa91643678, @TheRealMoB21, and @TylerNocks for answering our PlayStation trivia questions correctly and before anyone else. Thanks to everyone for playing, and a special thanks to SuperBot Entertainment and Sony for providing giveaway codes!

UPDATE: We were amazed by the number of character entries to receive a PlayStation All-Stars beta key last night and this morning. PSU community members submitted some truly awesome picks, including plenty that we had never thought of as possibilities. It was very difficult to pick just five winners, but thankfully, we've still got five MORE codes to give out.

'I missed my first chance!' you say? 'How can I get one of the remaining codes?' Great quesion, fine reader. We wanted to mix up the proceedings a bit, so we're gonna play a little game. It's called...

PlayStation Trivia!

Starting at approximately 5 PM ET this afternoon, we're gonna take to the Twitter-sphere and begin tweeting a series of PlayStation trivia questions. The first follower to reply with a correct answer will score a code! It's that simple.

Remember, the trivia questions won't be posted here. You'll need to be following our official Twitter account - @PSUdotcom - to see the questions and get your chance at a code. We'll space them out a bit, but don't be late! There's only five more left to give.

Our first five keys have been awarded to the following participants: reypol6, Husachi, Zach Barry, Jet_Cobra, and Beta_Beast. Congratulations! Check your forum inboxes for your code.

ORIGINAL: Sony and SuperBot Entertainment's upcoming crossover brawler PlayStation All-Stars Battle Royale is going to be one of the year's biggest games, and a very lucky select few are experiencing the game's closed beta right now.

Who's ready to be one of them?

At PSU Towers, we love our readers, community members, and superfans, and we simply couldn't stand to see so many of you go without beta-testing this epic game for yourselves. So, courtesy of our friends at SuperBot Entertainment, PSU has TEN (!) beta codes to give away!

So, how can you get your hands on one of these codes and jump into the PlayStation All-Stars beta tonight? It's simple! (Kinda.) Drop a post in this forum thread and give us your very best answer to the following question:

"What playable fighter (not including announced or leaked characters) do YOU want to see in PlayStation All-Stars Battle Royale? AND describe for us what you envision their Level 1, Level 2, and Level 3 Super Attacks to be!"

Sounds easy enough, right? We'll pick five of the very best answers - thoughtfulness and creativity count! - and shoot you a code if you're one of the special few.

'But, wait!' you ask. 'Didn't you say TEN codes?'

Why yes, we did! That's very astute of you. But we've got an extra special challenge lined up for the other five. Stay tuned to PSU.com tomorrow for information on how you can get your hands on a code if you miss one tonight.

So, fire away! Give us your best character design in this thread, and you just might be playing PlayStation All-Stars tonight. And who knows... maybe SuperBot is watching and waiting to put your ideas in the game?

-Thanks to Sony and SuperBot Entertainment for providing giveaway keys!
-Limit one key per person. Don't cheat. We don't like that. At all.
-Codes are valid for North American PSN accounts only. Sorry to our UK readers and others around the globe!