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More characters leaked for PS All-Stars - Sackboy, Raiden, Ratchet confirmed?

on 8 August 2012

Last weekend's massive PlayStation All-Stars Battle Royale leak was unprecedented in its scope, but even now it seems Sony just can't keep a secret. Eagle-eyed NeoGAFers were able to capture screenshots of the game's official website earlier this evening during a time when images were accidentally posted, and the content all but confirms the inclusion of two characters and suggests several more.

The two characters in question are Sackboy and Raiden, and as you can see in the images below, Sackboy was accidentally posted in the game's official character roster. Meanwhile, Raiden can be seen in an "Ultimate Matchup" with Cole MacGrath, suggesting that some kind of competitive marketing will be used for (or in) the game.

The same screengrab that features Raiden shows a line-up of several playable fighters, including ones that haven't been revealed yet. Click the image to blow it up and zoom in for a closer view. We spot:

- Nariko from Heavenly Sword (far left), behind PaRappa
- Ratchet (middle, left of Radec), and Clank (left of who appears to Nariko)
- Jin from Tekken (second to the right of Big Daddy)
- Kazuya from Tekken (left of Ratchet)
- Ryu Hyabuza (Ninja Gaiden, far right)

Strangely, we also notice that the Cole MacGrath who appears in this line-up is the character model from the original inFAMOUS. Could this mean that we'll receive a skin for Cole in the final game, or will there be separate playable Coles representing the first and second games in the franchise?

Whatever the case, you can expect to hear more about it soon - SuperBot Entertainment is expected to officially reveal more characters at gamescom 2012 next week. Keep it right here on PSU.com, as we'll be covering the event from the show floor and here at PSU Towers.