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New FIFA Street 3 details

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In a recent interview Joe Nichols, the line-producer of FIFA Street 3 revealed some interesting details about the third part in the FIFA Street series.

The developers revealed that they have utilized the NBA Street 3 engine for this most recent iteration, combining it with FIFA 08’s artificial intelligence system. Along with the next-gen engine they decided to give the game a brand new look. Also implemented is an open animation system, so that none of the animations will look the same.

Right now most games focus on photo-realism, but for FIFA Street 3 they wanted to go more to the heroic look. So now players like Ronaldinho and Gerrard have a huge chest and a small body, but they still look like the actual player.

The developers also decided to use a new control system, which they have yet to reveal. Along with this new system the developers decided not to include slide tackles in the game. This is mostly because it isn't smart to do a slide tackle on the asphalt.

FIFA Street 3 will be released in Spring 2008 on the PlayStation 3 and the Xbox 360.