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Loyal Call of Duty fan identifies all Killstreaks for Black Ops 2

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on 11 August 2012

TmarTn, avid poster on the Call of Duty: Black Ops 2 forum, has taken the time to analyze the Black Ops 2 multiplayer reveal trailer to identify all of the Killstreaks coming to Treyarch's newest installment in the Black Ops series.

TmarTn created a full graph of the Killstreaks as seen below:

He also put together a great video of his findings, and how he found them, on his Youtube channel. From the looks of it, he's on the right track. In fact, I doubt that much of his judgment will be wrong. He certainly put a lot of time and effort into his findings, so check TmarTn out at his Youtube channel and watch the video he made walking through his breakdown of the Killstream graph.

Via Black Ops 2 forums, TmarTn Youtube Channel