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Gamescom 2012: Resident announced

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on 14 August 2012

Resident Evil 6 will feature a dedicated social service when it launches this fall in the shape of Resident

Unveiled earlier today during Capcom’s Gamescom bash, Resident is a PC-based service that displays information and stats on weapons use, enemies killed, friend’s gameplay progress, high scores for The Mercenaries, real-time gameplay progress and more.

In addition, Resident Evil 6 players can also work together to unlock new in-game content, such as costumes, by meeting certain requirements. For example, one objective has gamers teaming up to dispatch 10,000 zombies over a weekend period.

Players can earn RE Points by playing via Resident, a form of currency that can be used to purchase new items such as mini-figures.

The service will also allow you to track your progress in the campaign, plus collates all story points and in-game files so you can read them at your leisure.

Resident will be available free alongside Resident Evil 6’s launch on October 2, 2012.