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Rumour: HD-DVD to lose exclusive studio?

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There seems to be a seesaw effect in the high-def media player industry right now. Blu-ray, at the moment seems to be on the rise as many companies announce their exclusive loyalties to the format while on the other end of the spectrum; HD DVD appears to be achieving just the opposite.

For months now HD DVD exclusive distributor Weinstein Company, how released no new titles or announcements. This lack in activity has brought up various rumors claiming that the company is no longer backing HD DVD.

For the first six months of the year, the company has released dozens of titles including Clerks II, Lucky Number Slevin, and Scary Movie 4. Perhaps the studio is looking into other options such as the ever-expanding Blu-ray market? Who knows, but when the question was asked to the studio itself, this is all they had to say: "We aren’t commenting on our High-Def plans at this time".

Now to make things clear, that does not confirm nor deny anything. What it does mean is that Weinstein Company is probably going through some in house decisions and is not ready to come out and say anything official at this moment.

If this does mean a split between the two, then Blu-ray will continue to be seen as the dominator in the high-def industry by winning over numerous studios and support since its release in 2006.

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Source: Highdefdigest