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Breaking: Anonymous strikes again, claims 10 million PSN accounts hacked

on 15 August 2012

[Update 1] According to Kotaku, this list looks like it may have been copied from a PasteBin listing dating back to March 19. This may be an elaborate hoax, so check back for more updates.

[Update 2] Shane Bettenhausen, an SCEA employee working in Business Development, has tweeted that this breach is “totally fake.” For the sake of PSN users worldwide, we hope this is true.

[Update 3] Kotaku, the website that originally "broke" this story, is now reporting that this story is false. Talk about jumping the gun. 

Anonymous—or more specifically, one of its members—is again claiming success of having hacked into the PlayStation Network.

Apparently, the hacker has 50 gigabytes worth of email accounts, passwords, and user locations in hand. According to a new Anonymous posting, around 10 million accounts are “at risk,” says the hacker.

Going as far as listing each account and its respective (encrypted) password that has reportedly been infiltrated, Anon suggests that Sony is the target, and that no one other than him/her should receive credit for the work.

Let us know if your email address appears on this list. We’ll offer more news as it breaks.