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Gamescom 2012: Sony Europe boss says Nintendo 'is always a competitor'

on 17 August 2012

Sony and Nintendo could conceivably clash in the future despite the fact that both companies are no longer in direct competition with each other in the handheld space, says Sony Computer Entertainment Europe (SCEE) chief, Jim Ryan.

Chatting with CVG at Gamescom this week, Ryan noted that while 3DS and PlayStation Vita are currently “very different propositions,” he feels a shift to a younger demographic would mean both systems could collide later down the lilne.

“I think the gaming offerings [of 3DS and Vita] are so different right now that I think there’s plenty of space for both systems to live side by side quite happily," he said.

With the rise of smartphones in recent years, many have questioned the longevity of dedicated gaming handhelds like the 3DS and PS Vita. Many industry commentators feel both systems will fail to match the success of their predecessors with Apple and Google muscling in on their marketshare.

“I think over time that the PlayStation Vita will – like all consoles – skew to a younger demographic, so there will be some collision there,” added Ryan.

Sony showed off a slew of PS Vita titles at Gamescom this week, including the first footage of Killzone Mercenary and Call of Duty: Black Ops Declassified, plus new IP Tearaway from Media Molecule.

And, while some have called for a price cut, Sony has made it clear that it’s too early to lower the price of its new handheld, so don’t expect it to happen this year.