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NIS America releasing new RPG Legasista in tomorrow's PS Store update

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on 21 August 2012

NIS America is set to release a highly customizable dungeon crawler tomorrow in the PlayStation Store update called Legasista.

Literally combining the words "legacy" and "sister," Legasista is the story of Alto who's trying to save his sister from a curse that turned her into a crystal. The game is primarily played in the Ivy Tower, and each level within the game is a level in the tower itself.

One of the biggest aspects to this game, as NIS assesses in the launch trailer shown below, is the sheer customization of playable characters. From weapons to physiques, players and weapons can be made up to individual standards; the trailer even shows a player using a rubber chicken as a sword.

If this quirky and interesting RPG suits your fancy, go right ahead and download it when the PlayStation Store update goes live tomorrow. Until then, enjoy the launch trailer for Legasista.

Via PS Blog