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Burnout Paradise skidding in on Jan 22

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on 27 October 2007

It may not be more realistic than the Gran Turismo's of the world, but the Burnout series has always been one hell of a ride. Maybe it's just the thrill of a 30-car crash, but we just can't wait to play the next one.

On that note, Burnout Paradise will be racing onto your PlayStation 3 on January 22, with a demo hitting sometime in December. What to expect? How about a fully realized open world that seamlessly connects to your offline and online gaming experiences, PlayStation Eye integration, a totally revamped physics system, and most importantly, cool cars that go really, really fast.

We’ve also heard that the Criterion guys love PlayStation - and as a result this game is leading on the PS3. Keep in mind that the final product shouldn't look any different on both systems, but at least it won't end up as a shoddy port.

Get ready to revoke your driver's license January 2008.