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No downloadable content for EA's skate

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on 27 October 2007

EA is the biggest third party software developer in the world, and, as they say, the rich get richer. The newest and most rapidly growing form of producing gaming revenue is downloadable content. That's why we were surprised to hear that there would be no downloadable content released for EA's Tony Hawk competitor, skate.

"[We're] not planning any new content for Skate 1... We didn't want to go back and ask for more money to get more shoes and shirts," announced EA Black Box Executive Producer Scott Blackwood in an interview featured in the latest issue of EGM. "That's not how we wanted to enter this market."

Blackwood also spoke about the absence of female created characters. "We really wanted women to be in there and have all sorts of cool stuff to wear and hairstyles. You have to choose between watering the whole thing down and making it just really mediocre for everybody, or do you focus? We decided to focus. I will say, however, that was the hardest decision on this project. But we are going to make it up to you. When we do it -- and we will -- it's going to be done very well."

Although we're psyched that Black Box isn't trying to take our chump change with more shoes and clothes, we do wish they would add a new park or two with a few new events into the world. Alas, that's not the case. At least Danny Way's Mega Compound is still just as rad as ever.

Source: 1up