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Dead Space 3 to potentially offer 100 hours of play time

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on 4 September 2012

Visceral Games has declared that Dead Space 3 is significantly larger than any of its predecessors, so much so that it can offer around 100 hours of gameplay.

Associate producer Yara Khoury explained to AusGamers that the extended lengthy isn’t purely down to the inclusion of co-op either. Rather, it’s Dead Space 3’s weapons crafting system that provides the extra meat, which ties into the process of resource gathering.

“I think Dead Space 3 is a little bit different,” he said, “because we have a little bit more depth in gameplay, and also in the environments. So we have the beta-path, which are additional, and total optional levels to explore, which is great if you want to scavenge for great resources.2

“So this totally ties back into the weapon-crafting feature,” Khoury added, “and the resource management, where you have to explore the world to find the best resources that get you the best parts, and the most badass weapons that you can make. So this all ties in together, into that focus in our investment into making more options for our players to explore.”

“If you are into weapon crafting, you can spend literally one hundred hours in this thing. If you want to explore all the beta-paths; if you want to replay with co-op; it’s way more about choice in Dead Space 3: you can really spend a lot of time doing that.”

“So I would say it’s a deeper game, that has more gameplay depth, and I think our players are going to find a lot of replayability value; more than in Dead Space and in Dead Space 2, actually.”

Dead Space 3 is due out in February 2013 and sees space engineer Isaac Clarke stranded on a Necromorph-infested ice planet. However, this time he’s not alone; Clarke will be able to team up with Earth Gov sergeant John Carver for a spot of cooperative-based limb-dismembering action.