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Game Streams: Play PC games on your PS3?

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on 29 October 2007

New software allowing games to be streamed between computers will allegedly allow users to play PC titles on their PlayStation 3 console, according to the latest Internet reports.

The service in question – “Streammy Game” – provides members with a special plug-in, which converts software into IPTV channels, allowing it to be sent over a home network. This is then picked up by a second PC/laptop allowing the user to play the title.

Despite any obvious assumptions, Streammy Game CEO Richard Faria has also claimed that there will be no lag experienced during gameplay.

"We are embarking on a new paradigm in the gaming industry fuelled by advances in computer hardware, network speeds and the want of gamers to have more freedom. We network the power of their main PC so it can be used to play high end games on other PCs and laptops around the home. I believe the demand for high resolutions will drive the sales of high end PC hardware", he stated.

Stay tuned for more information as it breaks.

Source: Product-Reviews