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SCEA's Patrick Seybold leaves PlayStation

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on 5 September 2012

Patrick Seybold, a senior director of multiple trades with Sony Computer Entertainment America, announced mere hours ago that he has left PlayStation after 12 years of service.

Seybold's career will now take him to Tapjoy, an advertising vehicle and consulting firm for apps and games on iOS, Android, and other mobile devices. For now, Seybold's position at Tapjoy remains a mystery, but we here at PSU wish him well in his endeavors.

Seybold leaves behind an illustrious run at PlayStation, one that included damage control during last year's infamous PSN outage. Let's hope the same doesn't happen at his new digs!

Of course, Seybold has also been the bearer of good news for PlayStation users. Let us know in the comments if you'll miss the presence of a public figure behind PlayStation brand management.