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Blasto to make a return?

It seems that Sony Computer Entertainment America may be trying to resurrect the nine-year-old Blasto back from the grave.

The title has recently been seen in the Patents & Trademarks database, which was filed by SCEA on October 23. The company appears to have something along the lines of online game play in mind as one of the descriptions state: “OPERATING A REAL-TIME GAME FOR OTHERS OVER GLOBAL AND LOCAL AREA COMPUTER NETWORKS.”

Blasto was originally released on PlayStation in 1998, with the late Phil Hartman providing the voice of main character, Captain Blasto. The game is a third-person shoother with your enemies being aliens that teleport around you based on events that you trigger while you explore the environment.

Blasto was given plenty of public exposure, but the game was just too difficult for the vast majority of players and received rather poor ratings. Even though the ratings were below average most reviews state that Hartman’s voice acting alone is worth the buy.

Although nothing is officially confirmed, it’s interesting to see where this Blasto trademark will lead. You can see the official filing in the Patents & Trademarks database here.