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Iron Man game to utilize ILM model from film

In a recent interview with USA Today, Sega Senior Producer Mike McHale stated that the game developers for Iron Man would be using the same CGI model from the movie.

"We are working very closely with the film director (Jon Favreau) and production staff, and they have actually given us the computer-generated model for Iron Man himself created by Industrial Lights and Magic and we're able to put that into the game," said McHale.

Both the film and the game are set to follow the origins of the comic, focusing on how Tony Stark became Iron Man and through scientific smarts; he creates a suit giving him unbelievable powers.

"He goes through some really life-changing moments," McHale says. "He's not your typical superhero. He uses technology to enhance his abilities, rather than having mutant powers."

According to McHale, the Iron Man game will extend beyond the movie's storyline and also include classic villains from the comics. However details on exactly what or who are scarce.

Iron Man the video game is set to release alongside the movie May 2nd. Stay tuned for more information as it breaks.