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PlayStation Mobile coming to PS-Certified devices, PS Vita next month

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on 20 September 2012

Already, some PlayStation-Certified devices, like the Sony S Tablet and the Sony Ericsson Play cell phone, have a PlayStation Mobile store, but the complete PSM store will be available next month.

PlayStation Mobile is described as a service in order to provide "PlayStation-like experiences on a number of different mobile devices." Releasing on October 3, PSM will provide around thirty titles for users to play that will range from $2 to $20. Current developers range from small indie developers all the way up to the Sony Computer Entertainment World Wide Studios.

On top of this, the official SDK, which will allow developers to create titles through PSM, will be available this November for the affordable price of $99, so developers everywhere can afford to create content for PS-Certified devices.

Again, the PlayStation Mobile service for select devices and the PlayStation Vita will release on October 3.

Via PS Blog