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PlayStation All-Stars Character Profile: Sir Daniel Fortesque

on 21 September 2012

After a lengthy break, we've returned with the next entry in our running series of profiles highlighting the playable fighters in Sony's upcoming crossover brawler, PlayStation All-Stars Battle Royale.


Seen in: MediEvil I & II, MediEvil Resurrection, Hot Shots Golf 2

Bio: Sir Daniel Fortesque is the protagonist of the MediEvil series that began in 1998 for the original PlayStation. He is one of the few characters in PlayStation All-Stars to hail from the first system. Consisting of three games, with the last being a remake of MediEvil 1 for the PSP in 2005, the series is still considered classic, and all the games are held in high regard. This knight of Gallowmere was the first casualty of war in the battle against the evil necromancer Zarok, taking an arrow to the eye before the soldiers made their first charge. This wasn't the most motivating thing to tell the public however, so the king told all in Gallowmere that Sir Dan died valiantly in battle, and titled him Hero of Gallowmere. Zarok was defeated without his help. Some 100 years later, Zarok returned and revived all the deceased in the kingdom to be his minions, accidentally bringing Sir Dan back from the dead as well. Determined to become the legend he was made out to be, and earn eternal rest in the Hall of Heroes, he set out to destroy Zarok for good. Using his sword, shield, life-bottles, hammers, chicken drumsticks, and ripping off his own arm as a weapon when necessary, the Hero of Gallowmere brought peace to the land from beyond the grave.

Shining Moment: In his second journey to save the world, Sir Dan met a beautiful mummified princess named Kiya. Sir Dan becomes completely wrapped, no pun intended, around her finger. While Dan was off destroying evil on one occasion, Kiya was attacked and killed by Jack the Ripper. Distraught by the loss of his one true undead love, he discovers a time machine and uses it with no thoughts of repercussions to protect her. After ensuring her safety, Dan meets his past-self. However, instead of breaking time or creating a paradox, Dan simply shakes his own hand, merges with himself, and is granted the Super Gold Armor, making shields completely unnecessary. It came in handy in his battle to free London's souls, and return to the afterlife with his lover. He is allowed to rest once more.


Level 1: Uses the lightning orb to shock and destroy an opponent

Level 2: Holds a Chalice of Life up to the sky, causing any opponent caught directly above Dan to burst into sparks. These sparks cause other characters to explode upon impact as well.

Level 3: Opens a treasure chest containing Zarok's Anubis Stone. A large green circle appears around Dan, and any characters caught inside have their life quickly drained from them. Dan is free to move around the stage while this super is active.