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Ecco the Dolphin making a comeback?

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on 24 September 2012

The creator of Ecco the Dolphin has revealed he’s in talks with SEGA in regards to producing a new entry in the classic franchise.

Ed Annunziata confirmed on Twitter that composer Spencer Nielsen has also been brought in to take part in the project should it get off the ground.

“Ecco fans, I need you to follow & tweethank @scottfoe, he convinced SEGA to meet with me now chances of a new Ecco the Dolphin x100” he said.

Ecco the Dolphin found fame on the Mega Drive (aka Genesis) back in the early 1990s with the original game and its sequel, The Tides of Time. A Dreamcast reboot followed in 2000 which was later ported to PlayStation 2.

Stay tuned to for more details.