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Makers of Bioshock recruiting for PS3 IP?

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According to a job posting on Gamesutra, 2k Boston is looking for a senior console programmer with experience working on the PS3 a plus.

The job description states that after the recent success Bioshock, 2K Boston has begun pre-production on their next project, and are in need of a qualified senior programmer.

"Required Experience and Skills:

• At least three years experience working with recent generation game console technology (Xbox, Xbox360, PlayStation2 or PlayStation3)
• Must have shipped at least two game titles (or one game title if substantial experience in a related field)
• Excellent understanding of C/C++
• Good understanding of OO design principles
• Strong communication skills
• Strong understand of console design and optimization techniques
• Commitment to code quality, documentation and sound testing procedures.

Experience with PS3 development is highly desirable."

With Microsoft securing Bioshock and any sequels with their mountain of money, we have to presume that its something new. No word yet on exactly what, but stay tuned for updates.