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Uncharted Developer talks Award System and SPU Usage

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In an interview with PALGN, Naughty Dog game designer Evan Wells talked about the Upcoming PlayStation 3 exclusive, Uncharted. In the interview, Wells reveals much about the game including its length, quest, and why the game is perfect only for the PS3. Some of the key features revealed are as followed:

-    First play-through should last 10-12 hours.
-    There will be four levels of difficulty.
-    There are 60 little treasures hidden throughout the game to keep the gamer immersed for hours on in, expanding the length of the game’s experience.
-    Rumble is built right into the game.

"We've also put into the game a medal system, so as you're playing the game if you perform special feats you'll get medals, such as getting a certain number of headshots, getting a certain number of headshots in a row, killing people, doing a special brawl combo, just lots of things along the way that will unlock the medals. The medals then contribute to your overall medal score and your medal scores then feed into our bonus system which allows all of the unlockables to be unlocked.” said Evan Wells.

The medal system that Wells talks of is expected to turn into a trophy system once Home comes out. To continue on, Wells tells why the PlayStation 3 was the better platform to develop Uncharted on. He stated that the standard drive gives opportunity to create a seamless, load free world and that because of the help from Blu-ray, they are able to squeeze the 24GB game into one single disc. Wells further went on to say that the Cells processor served as a handy tool for compiling all of Nathan’s (The game’s lead character) 3,500 animations. Ending it out, Wells had this to say, “As far as the Cell processor and the SPU's are concerned we were only using about 1/3 to 1/2 of the SPU's at one time and so there is still quite a bit more we can do."

Developed by Naughty Dog and published by Sony, Uncharted is an adventure game with many search and exploration aspects built into it. The story puts gamers in the shoes of Nathan Drake, a modern day fortune hunter whom becomes stranded on a remote island after trying to explore the treasure of El Dorado. Drake is not alone on the island however, as mercenaries and other obstacles of all sorts tries to post-pone an plans that Drake may have of getting off the island alive. 

Uncharted: Drake’s Fortune is set to release on the PS3 exclusively in North America on November 20th, Australia November 9th, and Europe in November.

Source: PALGN