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Oddworld: Abe's Oddysee HD dated, renamed

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on 1 October 2012

Just Add Water has confirmed that its high-definition revamp of Oddworld: Abe’s Oddysee will be released in autumn 2013, and will carry the subtitle of New N’ Tasty!

Due out on PlayStation 3, PlayStation Vita, PC and Xbox 360, New N’ Tasty is a complete overhaul of the classic 1997 PlayStation adventure game, and sees a number of features added in addition to obvious cosmetic touches.

Speaking to Eurogamer, Just Add Water’s Stewart Gilray commented: “In the original game you looked through a screen flip and it was like, ah! You run away or you’re dead.”

"You had to make your decision before you went through the screen flip in the original game. But with this, because you can see farther in front of you, you can make that change in your gameplay there and then without having to go, I've died, I have to go back to the check point and re-do it."

Gilray used the Sleeping Slig puzzle to illustrate how these new mechanics will change the way you approach gameplay.

"In the original game, the fifth screen into it, there was a sleeping Slig," he explained. "When you walked into the screen he woke up. To reset it you just walked off screen and came back on screen again creeping. We don't have flip screens any more, so we've made it so he times out. Say he walks around for 10 seconds and you haven't moved, he won't have heard anything and will go back to sleep again.”

"It's little things like that. We've not changed it. We've just modernised it because it's not a flip screen game any more."

In addition to the above changes, New N’ Tasty! Will also include a quick save system as well as tweaked puzzles, making them “friendlier to gamers.”

Stay tuned to for more details.