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New 'Codex' build for Dust 514 goes live today

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on 1 October 2012

The latest build of Dust 514, Sony's upcoming free-to-play FPS MMO, is being released today under the name of 'Codex'.

Like the previous build, titled Precursor that released on August 21, Codex will bring many updates to the game including new skills, items and equipment, modules, levels, balances and bug fixes. It will also add the ability to create Dust corporations and to recruit Dust and Eve players. Beta testers can see the patch notes on the official forums. The patch should be good to go after 16:00 GMT when the game comes back online.

The game is currently in closed beta but is rumored for a launch in October according to recent comments made by Sony Computer Entertainment America (SCEA) boss Jack Tretton.